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PNG compression

edited September 2014 in onCourse web releases
Today we activated a tool which compresses every png uploaded to your onCourse Website. This happens automatically when you upload the file to your onCourse website and does not alter the quality of the image in any way. Many tools create png files with excess "filler" and our tool cleans that out. We are seeing a saving of 20-30% quite commonly. This means some sites have been slimmed down by 150Kb and maybe half a second in loading time.

Just make sure you create your png files with the lowercase extension .png.

We continue to work on other techniques to make your websites faster, particularly on mobile devices. This is just one step in that journey.


  • I'll just chalk this up as another reason to promote PNG over JPG. Not that anyone listens, but it helps me get out of bed each day -- and be assured that some of us do in fact appreciate these constant refinements.

    I assume you're only referring here to images added directly to the website (i.e. via the CMS) but does this also have any effect on images added to courses through the onCourse client?
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    Whoops. Getting a weird error message.
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    There it is again.
  • In all fairness to jpg, it is actually better at compression for some things. So photographs will usually compress much better with jpg. But illustrations, cartoons, logos, are better in png. Because png is lossless it also does not suffer from colour artifacts which trouble jpgs compressed too much.

    png has an alpha channel, meaning that it can do transparency. jpg cannot.

    I'm looking into the wierd error message in the forums. It doesn't affect the working of the forum, but it is annoying when you post.
  • The forum posting problem should now be solved.
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