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who do I send module names and codes to?

edited April 2011 in AVETMISS
Could someone please tell me who I send module names and codes to so they can be manually setup for the VET courses


  • Hi Dean. Feel free to email the details to If they are modules on the NTIS website, then we periodically import that data anyway and automatically update onCourse. If they are state based module not visible on NTIS, then we'll need a spreadsheet with all the relevant details: module name, qualification name and code, module code, nominal hours.
  • thanks Ari
    I shall get onto it and send them to you asap. As soon as we can see everything works we shall be sending some money :-)
  • Ari should I start to panic yet? I still can't see our modules listed
  • It will take up to 24 hours for the onCourse server to poll for new modules. Give it that long and then panic after that... Make sure the onCourse server is running all the time and that you don't have a firewall preventing outgoing https connections on port 443.
  • no it is audit day. The auditors are here and I still can't the qld modules. The staff is running out of things to talk about to stall hehehe
  • edited March 2011
    well the audit was today and will continue in the morning. Software was a disaster! Ari you say the modules have been updated but I can not see the updated modules. Is there a log file I can I can check on our software to see if there is any error messages with the server updates? Is there anyway I can test to see if the server is actually being updated? Can I force a update?

    As you can imagine getting the powers that be to spend such a large amount on software without actually being able to see a working server in our enviroment is pretty much impossible. So I am sorry to say that I will be forced to look at other alternatives :-(
  • Hi Dean

    I am sorry to hear that you've had problems with our free offering and I'm not sure why you are not seeing the updates. We can't tell much more without looking at your installation in detail and without getting a copy of your data file and looking at it. We'll certainly perform that work for customers on any of our support contracts. We'll help everyone as much as we can in between other work, but recently we've been extremely busy and haven't had a huge amount of time available for free work.

    I've just bumped your modules again which will force them to be pushed out to all onCourse users if they didn't already go. You should see them showing up within 24 hours if that helped.
  • thanks Ari the modules became available this morning!
    We now having a working server and I have placed the software price on our next agenda meeting!
  • edited March 2011
    G'day Ari
    I have sent through another list of modules to be added about 2 weeks ago (I have a ticket number and have replied with that ticket number but have yet to recieve any word) and I am having the same problem as before with the new modules not being listed. So I have several questions for you; Is it possible to see if a server is actually being updated? How long should a person expect to wait for new modules to be added on the community version? What can we expect the difference to be regarding support between the community version and the paid version?
  • The only support available on the free community version is right here on these forums. We'll do what we can, but our focus must be on our customers with support agreements in place, and we've been very busy recently with the 2.1 release just about to come out.

    That said, give me your ticket number and I'll have a look. We normally do a run of new modules every couple of months as NTIS update their data.
  • Thanks Ari. I shall rush the board into paying the money then. The ticket number is 9139.
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