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Automatic mailing lists

edited July 2012 in News
Here's a little tip of the day for those of you who want to collect email addresses to add to your mailing list (and that really should be everyone!). Just put a link on your site to the URL:


So for, example, are the mailing lists for one college.

Once you have done this, any mailing lists you create in onCourse and mark as public will be there for the world to see and subscribe to. In the onCourse CMS you have control over which fields are mandatory and which are visible to users trying to subscribe. So you might want to collect just the name and email, or the full street address.

Once you have done this, it is a single click inside onCourse to send an email to everyone on your mailing list, export to CSV for a mail merge or even to send an SMS announcement.


  • Any likelihood of linking onCourse to popular third-party mailing list services with their API?
  • We have a number of customers who embed the MailChimp (or other) signup forms into the onCourse website. That's the easiest approach.

    Beyond that, do you have specific requirements?
  • That\'s what we do also, but ideally I\'d like one to share data with the other.

    It is likely that marketing emails would be a more frequent contact with a customer than enrolment through the onCourse website. At the moment we have to try and follow changes in one to manually update the other, if we\'re even aware of the changes. So if an email from MailChimp bounces, unless someone\'s watching it like a hawk there\'s no way to follow that up in onCourse. And customers aren\'t necessarily going to understand why they\'d need to enter their details twice.

    I\'ve also been trying to think of a more elegant way to handle a postal mailing list beyond making people create a new onCourse contact record each time, but haven\'t got far with that yet.

    I\'ll be back.
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