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onCourse 3.0

edited September 2014 in onCourse releases
onCourse 3.0 is now final!

Our development team have been working hard on this release since October 2011, and after a long testing and beta process it is now available as a final release. We strongly recommend all users who are running a 3.0 beta or release candidate to upgrade as soon as possible.

I'd like to thank our development and testing team, our product managers, technical support and system administrators who have all made this possible. And of course our terrific customers who have tested our betas and provided invaluable feedback. Work is already well underway for the next major release and a number of features are already complete and being tested. As for all our releases, there is no cost to upgrade.


Ari Maniatis


  • I am trialing onCourse 3.0. On Mac OSX Server 10.6.8. I have found that the backup function continues to backup the data file, after the set time, at one minute intervals. Is this normal? It doesn't seem very useful. Also the server dialogue box says 'Next backup: not set' even though it is set and seems to be working (kind of).
    Also I found that the backup path is always within the Applications folder so if you set an absolute path e.g. /Volumes/Backupdrive/ish/backups it will fail. So you must put a relative path instead, e.g. ../Volumes/Backupdrive/ish/backups for it to work.


  • Thanks Iana... our dev team recently found and fixed that one. We expect a 3.0.1 release within a few days once we review some print report pagination issues.
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