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Competency completion data

edited May 2012 in AVETMISS
Can On Course generate a report for both enrolment numbers and competency completion numbers for the last calendar year? Or, should I export the AVETMISS standard report to do this?
The problem is I don't understand the format of the AVETMISS data and would like to use this data internally, not just for Quality Indicator reporting.


  • edited May 2012

    You can create the competency completion report from onCourse by choosing 'AQTF Competency Completion' as the AVETMISS flavour. However, this report is designed to be submitted like AVETMISS to a database for analysis, and isn't really in a human readable format either. It isn't about enrolments (not in the onCourse sense) but about completed outcomes and issued certificates (for completed qualifications)

    Your best bet is to probably run an advanced query in the enrolment window between a chosen class start date range, and exclude cancelled or credited enrolments, to get an accurate count of how many enrolments you processed last year.

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