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Setting up traineeships in onCourse

edited January 2011 in AVETMISS
I have been using onCourse for a while to deliver classroom based courses and classes, but I am about to start offering traineeships. What do I need to do to make sure I have entered all the information to report the AVETMISS correctly for trainees?


  • Hi,

    First of all you need to collect the relevant reporting documentation from your state (we have links available here as each state requires slightly different information to be recorded.

    Otherwise, a traineeship can be set up like any other course and class. Often traineeship classes only have one student in them, but if you have multiple students starting their traineeship together, you can keep them in a class group.

    You will then need to open the Enrolment record for each trainee to record their Client Identifier and Training Contract number. Some states also have particular additional fields that can be recorded here, like the Victorian industry code and the QLD full time flag.

    In addition, if you use the Employer and Staff relationship to link your trainees to their employers, you can also print off a Traineeship Training Plan from the Enrolments window, ready to sign and lodge with your local Australian Apprenticeship Centre.

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