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Latest accredited course codes not in the VET drop down

edited December 2011 in AVETMISS
We recently had 2 courses re-accredited, and hence they have new course numbers and need to be added to the OnCourse system. The codes are 69783 & 69784. Both course codes show on, but for some reason do not come up in the VET drop down. Any suggestions?


  • We pulled through the latest data early last week. We will not do it again until January due to some issues with errors in the data which we are trying to work through. Many of their FoE values are wrong and that throws out our customers who report AVETMISS at the end of the year.

    Right now NCVER and need to talk to each other and sort out the errors in their data sets. Until then we'll be going slowly with our updates.
  • Hi Ari,

    I'm glad to advise the re-accredited courses now appear in the VET drop down on onCourse system. Unfortunately, however, our course codes (ie Units of Competency) do not appear. How do we go about adding the following national codes to the onCourse system:

    Course 1: 69783 - Certificate IV in Vessel Traffic Service Operations

    VTSC421 - Regulatory Knowledge
    VTSC422 - VTS Administration
    VTSC423 - Coordination of VTS Service Delivery
    VTSC424 - Developing VTS Emergency Response
    VTSC425 - Supervising VTS Centre Staff

    Course 2: 69784 - Certificate III in Vessel Traffic Service Operations

    VTSC321 - VTS Operator Maritime Knowledge
    VTSC322 - Waterway Supervision
    VTSC323 - Ship Scheduling
    VTSC324 - VTS Personal Responsibilities
    VTSC325 - Communications Delivery
    VTSC326 - Emergency Response
    VTSC327 - VTS Centre Equipment

    Any directions would be greatly appreciated.

    I look forward to hearing from you.
  • Please give us links to these units on the site.
  • Sorry Ari, but how do I go about doing this? Amanda
  • upon checking the these codes do not appear ...
  • All units of competency should be on the site. You might need to try to get in touch with them to have their reference data updated.
  • Hi Ari,

    I have been in touch with both & TQA. Apparently our Units of Competency are under copyright, hence why they do not display on either the or TQA websites. How can I go about manually adding them for AVETMISS purposes on the onCourse program?

  • That's new to us. All units of competency are under some form of copyright, but I've not heard of this preventing the publication of just the unit name/code/Foe and other basic information. If you have some contact details for whoever you spoke to at, please send them on to and I'll follow this up.
  • Apologises for the misunderstanding, units of competency from training packages are usually published, but as your units are modules for an accredited course they are indeed not ever published by

    Can you please confirm that codes and the wording of the module names above is 100% correct and we will add this data to onCourse for you.

  • All good thank you!
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