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onCourse 2.1.7

edited September 2014 in onCourse releases
The ish team are very pleased to release version 2.1.7 of onCourse.

This is a maintenance update has received over 1500 hours of testing and development, almost entirely focused on bug fixes and performance improvements. We recommend this update for all users of onCourse.

Work on the next major version of onCourse has already commenced, and a range of new features are currently being implemented. We'll have more details as we continue our work, but we expect beta releases toward the end of this year.


  • Hi, I have just downloaded both Oncourse Server and Client.
    Following the onCourse handbook I now try to commence use by double clicking on ISh oncourse server ( which is placed on the desktop). Once I double click on the "Sample File" I am prompted with the following error msg:
    Ish on course server failed to start.The database connection cannot be established. No suitable driver found for jdbc:derby///:coasit etc.

    I still can see a log box with: user, host, logged in and last activity.

    Are you able to point me in the right direction so I can start to play around with sample data?
  • Are you running Windows or OSX? Do you get the same error when you create a new data file (instead of the sample data)? How about if you put the application in your applications or program files folder?

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