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New Course

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Hi guys,

A new IT Course has been released, ICA11, which replaces ICA05. As a college just going through registration, we need to be putting this one up from day one. Any idea when it will be added? (I just did a fresh database this morning, it has redownloaded the courses, and the latest is still ICA05)

Thanks for your help.



  • Hi Peter,

    Due to the structural data change from NTIS to, we are currently unable to update our source files. We have a development project under way to allow us to access the new file standards. What time frame are you looking at before you commence delivery of the ICA11? We currently have a manual workaround in place and could use that process if you need the units in asap.

  • Hi Natalie,

    Thanks for that. Seeing it is a community driven thing as well, so they are available for all users I will grab all the course content in and send it to you. For me. it is not so much for delivery, but for the audit which will hopefully be hitting soon - we are a new RTO applying for registration.

    I also noticed whilst putting in our childcare package last night that it is a little out of date as well - v3 was released July I think. So I will go through those changes as well and upload them.

    Hopefully get this done by the end of the weekend. Thanks again for all your help.

  • Oh - end of weekend is my timetable as well, I have no urgency at this stage for you guys to do you - we are at least 3 weeks out from audit if not more...
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    Hey pnbowen just wanna know one thing from you , is there no option of ICA05 course from now means we dint choose ICA05 course from now onwards ..?
  • Peter

    Just following up... we haven't seen any course details from you, so if you need something, please send it through to

  • Hi Ari,

    My apologies - I have been out of range for a week. I will get them together in the next few days and upload.

    Gray456 - it means that there is a 12 month transition from ICA05 to ICA11 - and because we are new to deliver, we are better off to go directly to ICA11 rather than ICA05 and have to change within 12 months.

    Of course timing is bad - this change and change to NTIS site.

    For info, I would recommend going to and registering for there forums - it will be interesting to see how it goes over the next few months...

  • Hi Yari,

    I have just sent the email with the attached codes for 7 of the 10 CERT IV courses in ICA11.

  • I should close this out by saying - updates to are now working - all my stuff is there. Just in time for registration! :D Thanks for all the hard work guys!
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