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New course listing view and search

edited September 2014 in onCourse web releases
We are making good progress with our new search engine and course list view. Behind the scenes is tidier html, even better SEO and tight, clean CSS which makes it easier to restyle. Visually, we have:

* little clues like the fading of the text description to encourage users to click through for more info
* "enrol now" gives the user the option to continue browsing (try clicking it)
* better use of colour and font sizes to get across the important information

Even better, try out the new search engine at the top of the page. It isn't optimised for speed yet (but is fast enough for testing). It is much cleverer about giving you a list of options as you start typing (try typing "art" without pressing return or search) and it is better at giving you useful results.

Check it out here:


  • What's happening with the 'Email to a friend' option? Still under works, or now dumped?
  • Design is done and it will be first out of the blocks after the migration to the new web engine. It is really quite nice and will incorporate facebook, twitter, etc links as well as email.
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