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AVETMISS Start/Completion Dates

edited August 2011 in AVETMISS
Hi team, 2.1.6 is fantastic, thank you.

We are looking at moving across to onCourse permanently as we feel its far superior to our current AVETMISS compliant student management system.

I just wanted to clarify a few things I was unsure of - just to make sure I get things right now so that our AVETMISS data is accurate.

We run distance courses that lead to a full qualification, people can enrol anytime, have 12 months to complete over-all but most finish sooner, all on different dates.

As I understand it there are at least 2 ways I can do this:

#1 Create a "distance only" class, without a schedule and just enrol students into that.
#2 Create (for example) a new class at the beginning of each month with 1 session that lasts for 365 days, and enrol students into that.

My question is about how onCourse generates its AVETMISS data for start and completion dates. If I was using option #1 above, will the AVETMISS start date be automatically generated to be the date I enrolled the student? And will the AVETMISS completion date be recorded as the date each outcome was set as successfully completed? If so great, because it means no need to manually enter start and completion dates for each outcome and the AVETMISS report will show accurate start/completion dates.

If I use option #2 above, and a person was recorded as successfully completed (say) 3 months after enrolling, will the AVETMISS data show the completion dates for that person's outcome as 3 months after enrolling? Or the default 12 month finish date as defined by year-long session?

I am trying to achieve a balance between accurate AVETMISS data and minimal data-entry/manipulation at the outcome level.

Thank you for your time and sorry for the long winded questions.



  • No problem. The short answer is that outcomes pick up the start/end date from the Class by default, but you can override that for each Outcome individually. So you could:

    1. Create a single class per term/year or whatever suits you
    2. Use the 'private booking' concept to create a new class per enrolment. This would allow you to create separate timetables for each student.
  • Thank you Ari.
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