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Version 9.0 onCourseServer crashing at "starting database service"

Hi Ari and team,

5+ years happy onCourse (freeloading community) customers here and rarely an issue. We love your program!

We have just installed version 9.0 after returning from the Christmas break but cannot get the server working. When we open the server program, select our database file, the server opens and says "starting database service" for a few seconds then just disappears (crashes I assume). We have the latest version of Java.

To try to isolate the issue I created a new sample data file for the server to work with. The server loaded up fine with the fresh sample data file. This leads me to think that it may be our data file that's causing the issue?

Another thing to note, embarrassingly we somehow missed the version 8 updates, so have jumped directly from version 7 to 9. Perhaps there were some changes to the database structure in a previous update that we missed? I tried looking for previous versions to download to see if we could step up to V.9.0 gradually but cannot find anywhere to download previous versions.

I've checked the log associated with trying to open our datafile with onCourseServer and there's nothing in it! The date and time on the log file updates to the current time of opening onCourseServer but the file is empty in notepad.

No rush to reply but any assistance would be much appreciated. Thank you :)

Kind regards,


  • Although you might be able to go from 7 to 9, it isn't guaranteed to work and we certainly don't test that. You might be safer upgrading in two steps.

    So, grab the installer from here:

    After that, the answer to most questions will be found in the logs. That should tell you what is happening and where it gets stuck.

  • Thank you so much Ari, stepping up via version 8 solved the issue above. We have another issue now which I'll post in a seperate thread.

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