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email template footers and headers

hi this will probably come under the "can we sprinkle some fairy's dust and make the world a better place!"
and it's not particularly high priority as it's only to do with email headers and footers....but..... if you're ever looking at this.

It would great if the HTML sections for email templates could be written in the same way as the RTF in other areas of on course (ie using textile, and therefore use the neat functions like {image name:"xxx"} {block name:"sss"}).

I raise this because in our case we like to use our email footers as a way to advertise what's on or what's coming up - using changing images each month - eg next month - school holiday workshops - coming up in the gallery etc.
We use these same ad images on the website.

It would be easier in the footer to just be able to call {image name:"xxx"} or the {block name:"xxx"} from on course/cms - into the footer in the same manner as we would in the CMS.
At the moment as far as I can see, I need to do this two different ways - one for the CMS (which is by far the easiest) but html in the footer. This is ok for me - but for it makes it harder to hand over this task to anyone in the office.

I'm sure most organisations do a set and forget for their footers - so it's not something that's hugely important.
more a nice to have.

But if you don't ask you don't get!!



  • I think this is a good idea, with some caveats.

    • Firstly, the html you can use in email is dramatically more complicated than email in web pages. This is almost entirely due to Outlook's rubbish html parser. If you want to support Outlook (and you need to in this world), then you need to use html syntax that looks like what everyone was using in IE 5 over a decade ago.
    • We aren't able to support {block}, however templates can contain other templates. So you can do almost exactly the same thing using the groovy syntax to include other templates.
    • {image} is a really good idea and we should do that soon
    • the real simplification will come when we implement a css inliner for the email templates. The html will be 5 times shorter and much easier to read.

    html for email is a complicated business and for many years onCourse resisted the demand to use html at all. Some companies like MailChimp are really built around simplifying styled email and testing the results against dozens of mail clients.

    Thank goodness Internet Explorer lost the battle of the web. But Outlook is still out there to haunt us for years to come.

  • thanks Ari. {image} would be brilliant and the css inliner sounds great.

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