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VET reporting - New Class

Wondering if anyone can help with this. We are a HRWL RTO and have expanded to NSW, to date only reporting for QLD. My question is when creating a new class, VET tab, for Domestic full fee paying student, what are (or where can I find) the codes for...
Funding source state - (QLD is 03)
Purchasing contact identifier - (QLD FFS)
Purchasing contract schedule identifier - (QLD 001)
Have queried AVETMISS and NSW, both told me to contact the other agency.
Thanks in advance


  • Hi Evelyn,

    The answer depends on who you are reporting the data to. If the training is fee for service, and only being reported to NCVER as part of your total VET activity training, then you don't need to provide any data in those three fields.

    If the training is NSW funded training, to be reported to State Training Services, then as part of your training contract, they'll specify the values to report in those fields.

    Hope that is of some assistance.

  • Many thanks Natalie.

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