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onCourse 2.1.2 released

edited September 2014 in onCourse releases
A fairly large number of issues have been addressed in this update, as well as a few new features. Read all about it here:

and then download the new builds from



  • If you are trying to start onCourse Server 2.1.2 on Windows and it isn't starting up, you may have a problem with spaces in the path name. Please try the following:

    1. Move the data folder "onCourse.iocdata" to a path with no spaces. For example, put it in "C:\" or in a folder within that "C:\data\"

    2. Start onCourse Server

    3. It will prompt you to find the data file, so choose the folder in which you placed onCourse.iocdata"

    We are already working on some improvements in 2.1.3 to make it better handle these spaces.
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