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onCourse 7.1 release

We are very pleased to announce the final release of onCourse 7.1. We recommend all users upgrade.

This release has lots of exciting new features including:

* USI validation improvements
* Enhanced login security systems
* New itemised notes
* AVETMISS exports update for NSW Smart & Skilled, NSW OLiV, VIC and SA

Full release notes are available at


  • Hi
    I've noticed on the mac server 7.1 multiple logins are often listed. I just saw the server listing over 40 current users for only 4 users logged in. Looks like lots of repeat log ins. But then many disappear. Its a bit intermittent. I can't remember seeing this on 7.0.


  • I have just upgraded from 7.0 to 7.1 and printed a certificate. It seems like the font has changed for our certificate.
    Can some light be shed on why this may be?
    Do I have to go back and edit the certificate report to rectify this?
  • @iana We've not see that elsewhere, but some changes in onCourse 7.4 may help a bit since we are more aggressively logging out stale connections and preventing users from logging in twice. When they log in with the same username the second time, they will be given the option to kick out the previous user of the same name.
  • @markwid Sorry for the delay in replying... I just saw your comment. We did clean up the font choices in the reports in 7.1, mainly to avoid multiple and mixed references to Helvetica and Arial. Now, all reports should have the font defined once at the top and it will be easier for you to replace that one reference to your choice of font.
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