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Feature request: ability to upload class resources via Tutor Portal

Tutor experience:
Tutor can upload resource/s e.g. Power Point slides, via Tutor portal and make available to students of a specific class (limited to their classes only).

Student experience:
Students could then access resources in the Student portal

A lot of our Tutors don't work from our office or even use onCourse
Tutors can perform more tasks online remotely, less paperwork, greater productivity
Better service and resources made available to students


  • Hi Amy,

    A very good idea, and one we have under consideration. Would you have any concerns about your tutors being able to breach copyright without your oversight if this feature was implemented?

    Currently, a tutor needs to email to the office any materials they want to distribute to their class(es) via the portal for review first, to ensure they meet your quality standards and do not infringe on other intellectual property.

    If tutors were able to upload resources for a class, those resources would be specific to that single class group only, not for all classes of the course. Is that the outcome you are looking for?

    The course attachment option (which we can't open up to tutors, because the tutor join is at the class level) is nice because it lets you make the resource available to all classes for the course, and the resources are version controlled, so when they are updated, the current and next classes get the new copy and the historical classes still have access to the version that was current when they did their training. This option ties into your RTO obligations of verifying and validating your training and assessment materials via central control and versioning.

  • Thanks Natalie.

    We agree there is some risk of breaching copyright but our organisation is small and our tutors would receive one-on-one training of the portal, which would very clearly explain what can and can't be uploaded.

    Also, to further reduce this risk could there perhaps be access levels for Tutors whereby some Tutors can upload docs via Portal - and some can't?

    Re. resources being specific to that single class group only, yes, this is the outcome we are looking for.

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