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Add global setting to limit maximum course fee accepted before class commence date

To comply with VET Quality Framework Standard 22.3, our College would like to automate fee protection measures with the help of onCourse. We can only accept a maximum payment of $1,500 from a student prior to course commencement date. Payment options for course fees above $1,500 are detailed in each course information package.

onCourse user experience:
From a user interface perspective, I imagine College could set via onCourse File > Preferences > either General or Financial. Then user can set maximum amount payable e.g. $1500 perhaps with check box to apply to VET courses only or non-VET or both.

Online enrolment experience:
Student enrols online into a course where Course Fee exceeds the maximum payable amount set in onCourse. When student enters payment information and full course fee before the class has started, a pop-up notification appears "In accordance with VET Quality Framework Standard 22.3, the College has fee protection measures in place. We only accept a maximum payment of $1,500 from a student prior to course commencement date. Please re-enter the amount payable"

What do you think?


  • Hi Amy,

    An excellent idea, and one we are actually in the process of implementing in the current version of onCourse under development.

    The full feature we are developing is for payment plans, but the first step is exactly as you have identified, the ability to set a deposit amount for online enrolment, and set it to a maximum amount.

    For example, for all VET courses, you may have a payment plan set that requires a deposit of 30% up to a maximum of $1500 on enrolment, with the remainder payable over 4 equal amounts over the duration of the class.

    Alternatively, you may also set some classes (VET or non-VET) to allow $0 payment on enrolment, with the full amount becoming payable on the class commencement date. This could allow people to enrol, but not have to pay, until you confirm the class is running as scheduled.

    Part two of payment plans - not in this release of onCourse, but in a future version, will include automatic direct debit of the credit cards as per the payment plan terms.

    On another note, for the Fee Protection methods you are required to have in place under VET Quality Framework Standard 22.3, taking a maximum of $1500 prior to commencement is not your only option. There is more information available from ASQA on what alternatives are available to you. This article is a little out of date, since the minimum has since increased from $1000 to $1500, but the other points are still valid.

  • Thanks Natalie.

    Sounds like you're a step ahead and I can't wait to see this new payment option feature.

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