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NAT00130 file - minimum compliance requirement

We need to make a final (Smart&Skilled) claim but the following error is returned when testing data validation - prior to submission:
NAT00130 1 Program Identifier: parent record does not appear in Enrolment details (NAT00120)

What field(s) in onCourse does the above error correspond with? Thanks.


  • Hi Amy,

    It depends on how you are extracting the data for payment claim. Did you mean you are doing the SSP final export from some training from 2014? The NSW Smart and Skilled program reporting hasn't yet come online as the new standard was only released about 15 days ago.

    The old SSP funding has very different meaning for the NAT00130 file than the standard AVETMISS meaning, so first of all it is important that you use the AVETMISS export type
    "NSW Department of Education".

    You should also being running the export from either a class or enrolment cogwheel, so you are only selecting the data that applies to that program or students.

    The final claim export for SSP is determined by the date range you enter in the AVETMISS runner. While dates aren't necessary for your first or midway reports, it is the export end date being AFTER the last outcome end date that creates the final NAT00130 status to trigger your final payment.

    If your SSP course for the class was set as a complete qualification, and a student enrolled in the class had all 'good' outcomes set, then a Y record will be created in the NAT00130 file. If they have any 'bad' outcomes they'll get an N record.

    If the SSP course was not a full qualification, then as per the SSP reporting standards, all the students will be given a NAT00130 file of N to trigger the final payment.

    There is more information about the special NSW exports here:

    If you're selecting all these settings as described above and are still getting an error, please feel free to lodge a task at with a copy of the AVETMISS files you lodged and a copy of the error report you received so I can look into it in more detail.

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