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USI Implementation for community edition


Just wondering if its possible to integrate USI for the community edition? I note that the previous topic said we had to send our Auskey to be updated for the web server - I assuming this cannot be done for the community edition? or am i missing something. I would love to keep using OnCourse because it is a fantastic package.

Cheers Keir


  • Hi Keir,

    Thanks for the compliment, and we'd like you to keep using onCourse too :) You can enter and report USIs in the onCourse community edition, so you'll still be compliant with your AVETMISS reporting even if you decide to stay on that plan.

    What we can't offer you at no charge is the automated integration with the USI agency validation system, which involves us setting up a server connection to manage the data replication between your onCourse installation and their USI validation system using your AusKey.

    This server connection also allows you to send out USI request emails to the students after enrolment and direct them to a portal where they can apply for the USI so it ends up in your onCourse database automatically validated, rather than them having to tell you their USI and you having to enter it in yourself and validate it.

    Also, you can still use your AusKey to log into the USI Agency system and verify the USIs you collect manually while using the community version of onCourse, so you'll still be compliant.

    While we are happy to give away vast components of our software under a free community license for small RTOs there are aspects, like the USI Agency integration, that require ongoing support and server management from our end.

    For the very reasonable monthly price of $190 we can offer you a cloud hosted and managed onCourse server you can access from anywhere, unlimited onCourse email support, student and tutor portals, credit card integration and the USI Agency service integration with automated USI verification that might save your staff quite a bit of data processing time.

    So how was the sales pitch? :) Is automating these processes for you worth it?

  • We are also on the free version of onCourse (as we are not for profit doing training courses with no fees).

    Do any of the reports include a USI in the new version? I haven't found any so far, which means that we are creating our reports separate to onCourse in order to check on the USI as students enrol etc. Which feels a little redundant.

    If you could let me know this detail that would be great. thank you
  • Hi Emelia,

    The onCourse email templates and scripts that are included by default in onCourse 7.0 (community users included) do some of this checking and automatic notification for you, you might just need to turn them on as they aren't enabled by default. See

    We're also adding a version of the class roll that shows if the student has supplied a USI and if their USI is verified for the next release. That may help you internally with seeing who has and hasn't provided the data.

    More information about the next onCourse release (in progress release notes) are available here:


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