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AVETMISS NAT00120 Commencing prgram identifer

Could someone enlighten me as to where the "Commencing program identifier" field is hidden in onCourse?
The AVETMISS 7-0 export is extracting incorrect data, so either the data is set incorrectly (somewhere) or there is a bug in the AVETMISS 7-0 export extraction for the NAT00120 file.


  • Hi,

    Can I ask what version of onCourse are you running and what AVETMISS export flavour are you choosing on export?

    You might find your problem is resolved by the change to the way this field is calculated in the upcoming version of onCourse, expected to be publicly available in the next month.

  • Exporting AVETMISS 7-0 from 4.1.5 build 34144.
    The export for the NAT00120 file reports 3, 4 & 8 for the Commencing program identifier.
    Where the unit of competency is a continuing enrolment from a previous reporting period and the program is identified (and the full qualification is checked) the report should be 4 - continuing enrolment. If the program is identified and the full qualification is not checked, the enrolment is continuing and the report should still be 4 - continuing enrolment. It cannot be 8 as the program is identified.
    However if the enrolment is from a previous reporting period and the program is not identified (blank) the extract should report as 8 - enrolment in a unit of competency only.
    Currently the extract reports 8 even when the program is identified and the enrolment continues from a previous period. It then produces errors on validation.
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