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Timetable Export

If a range of classes is selected and Print is chosen, the option of Print Timetable Report is available. This is a useful report but could be enhanced for our purposes by allowing for an export to csv. The export should include the current fields but also include the "Notes" field from the class file. This allows for a daily report to be run alerting site staff to changes in rooms and equipment requests etc. Example: Notes - Guitar - set up access ramp for wheel chair user.


  • I think this is something we were also wondering about at one point, as we regularly have to produce building/room open/close reports to send separately to the university security team; they require additional information not present in onCourse, such as alarm activation times not related to the actual class times.

    There was some sort of work-around we came up with, but it's probably quite horrible. I try not to think about it.
  • I missed the original message from Garry, but we do already have the ability to export timetables to CSV.
  • When I choose "print->timetable the result is a pdf output. No csv option is presented.
  • Hi Garry,

    The reason why you can't see the csv option is because you are trying to print not export
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