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onCourse student and tutor portal

edited September 2014 in onCourse web releases
Our prototype for the portal redesign is now complete.

The main improvements are additional functionality around display of invoices and calendars, as well as a mobile responsive design which works well at small sizes on a phone. Also students are now able to see their results online, immediately as they are marked. In the next iteration, tutors will be able to mark outcomes just like the mark attendance, subject to some controls.

We are very interested in feedback and any comments from colleges or tutors.


  • Ari, I've had a look through the portal. It looks comprehensive. Two comments about language used.

    i.) Under - "Subscriptions" you say "I would like to receive marketing material via:" I would change that to " I would like to receive information and updates material via:" No one wants marketing but most people like information and updates.

    ii.) Under "Results" you use the outcome "Failed". Perhaps "re-sit or re-submit required" would be less confronting.

    Also, is the portal able to be branded as the user College rather than ish-onCourse?

  • i) Good idea.
    ii) Actually I think we already changed that to the standard wording of "not yet competent", but I'll check to make sure.

    We can't change the branding at this time, but we are looking at some simple customisations such as a standard size college logo.

    Thanks for the comments.
  • Yay! A big thumbs-up for the invoices section.

    Similar to the point above, I'd question the use of the term 'Subscriptions' in the menu because it might be confused with a paid subscription service; but I can't think of a magical word that doesn't say _marketing_ or _mailing list_ in a blaring cacophony of bleagh-no-thanks.

    Likewise, the term 'History' on its own might be a bit ambiguous. I like short menu labels, but 'Enrolment History' is clearer; or even the ol' 'My Account' right beneath 'My Profile' might be more recognisable to the sort of demographic that would use this.

    Actually, if I didn't see my past transactions or profile details linked from under my user name at the top of the window, I'd go straight to the left column menu options if they said 'My Profile' and 'My Account'.

    I'm not clear on what the 'Approvals' label at the top of the window and what looks like a notification flag is for - is it an inactive link in the demo? I assume it's connected to the "Classes for approval" thing, or indicates number of classes you might be a tutor for, or something?

    On the invoices, will there be a payment option link? Or is it just a static display? And while it pains me to say, some people seem to have difficulty printing from web pages, and get all hot and bothered when they don't see a _print_ button, even though the print preview renders nicely in the browser.

    [Tested in Safari v6.1 and iOS v7.1]
  • I think you are right with your comments, but at the same time I was looking for simple one word titles that fit into the display as it collapsed to mobile size. So some ambiguity is inevitable.

    On the plus side this is a portal, so users will poke around and get used to where everything is. Especially tutors who will use the "approvals" section as part of the workflow in getting new classes published.

    Payment options within the portal is definitely part of our master plan for world domination. And I decided against a print button because... well, who needs to print the internet? But maybe I can be persuaded otherwise.
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