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Field of Education (FoE) codes

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Finally got everything sorted out for a new RTO, everything has been entered and AVETMISS files have been generated. On validation of these files it appears that some of the modules that were added to the course are missing the Field of Education code that the NAT00060 file requires. Out of 33 modules 29 were missing their codes. I cannot find a way to enter this code manually into the software, so I have had to edit the NAT file itself. Is there a reason they are missing? I have found the list of codes on the ABS website but I need to be 100% sure that the once I have choosen are officially correct. Any help would be appreciated


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    Not all units supplied to us by NTIS include Field of Education ID's, especially newer ones like those from recently endorsed training packages. You can't manually edit these files as they are centrally maintained by us and periodically updated as NTIS makes updates.

    The AVETMISS standard available here: actually says the FoeID field is optional for Units from Nationally Recognised Training Packages. Extracted from page 29:
    MODULE/UNIT OF COMPETENCY FIELD OF EDUCATION IDENTIFIER This field must not be blank if Module/Unit of Competency Identifier and Module/Unit of Competency Name in combination does not match the unit of competency code and unit of competency name combination listed on the National Training Information Service.

    You may get a warning for a missing FoeID but not an actual error.

    In which state are you lodging where you are getting an actual error for this missing information and what units are causing the particular problems?


  • Hi Natalie

    Were are lodging in Tasmania. As I am new to AVETMISS reporting and using oncourse. The modules picked are all from the course SIB50110 Diploma of Beauty Therapy. 4 modules had the FoeID but the others didn't. The validation software from NCVER website has 29 errors but 0 warnings. Word for word is says "Module/UOC Field of Education Id must not be blank".

    Thanks for your help
  • Hi,

    Our customers in other states have found that the NCVER validation software doesn't actually match the validation performed by their local state training authority, often providing different error reports. I would suggest you try lodging the data as is and see if you get the same response from Skills Tasmania. The NAT00060 document on their website also says the same as the extract in my last message and is available here:

    I am sorry that I can't provide you with a better answer, but I suggest you contact NCVER to report the discrepancy between their published standard and their validation software. We can only write the rules in onCourse to match the standards that are published, not those of a 3rd party piece piece of software.

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