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importing Training Package information

edited April 2011 in AVETMISS

I'm new to this and hope there is a very simple answer... how do I activate or get my system to acknowledge training package information - the clairvoyant feature? I am having trouble loading up my qualifications.


  • I came across onCourse when looking at different SMS options and am having the same challenge?
  • Hi,

    First of all you need to make sure that the NTIS data has downloaded into your onCourse server. This usually happens the first time you run the software. If you open the Training Package window you should see 179 records, 10,683 in the Qualifications and 39,874 in the Unit of Competency.

    Note the 'offered' filter in the left part of the window under Unit of Competency. If it is checked (and you haven't marked any units as offered) it will show no results. Just uncheck it to see all the units.

    If this doesn't solve your problem, or your record counts are different to those above, you might like to read through the installation trouble shooting documentation here:

  • Are you able to post a screen shot of the training package records?
  • Sure thing, this is what is should look like populated with data
  • We've just today nailed a bug in this area. It looks like the reference data was not updating properly for some users. We will have a release 2.1.2 with this bug fix shortly. Here are the release notes for this upcoming release which is now ready apart from further testing:
  • This new version has now been released. Sorry for the delay, but we had a fair bit of testing to do.
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