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AVETMISS across states

edited April 2011 in AVETMISS
There are a few things that I feel need to be worked on regarding AVETMISS info as currently it does not appear to be able to meet the different reporting bodies requirements for separation of date and reporting State information. Suggestions are:
a. At time of enrolment being able to assign the State/Territory the student belongs to regarding AVETMISS reporting and exporting. Currently, to my knowledge, Ish can not separate the different funding states/territories by enrolment. This enhancement will then enable an export of data regarding competency completions relating to a specific state and time period.
b. Being able to export AVETMISS data by class AND date range. Currently as the system cannot separate the state/territory data, it is impossible to select a date and State range for export. You either get all the data if you export by date range, or if you export by class (State) you can not then separate the calendar year date range as required by the reporting bodies (2010 / 2011).


  • Thanks for your feedback. With regard to (a) I am not that keen to add yet another field to the enrolment process for operators, and how that would work for a student enrolling themselves online would be problematic.

    Do you or other people who report across states want to be able to split reporting between states, not just at the class level (as you can do now), but right down to the enrolment level? I assume this only really applies for online learning, but you can still split those into different classes for different states.

    (b) It is certainly on our feature roadmap and will be likely completely toward the end of the year unless we have a support customer with this particular demand earlier than that. Right now you can export different classes to different AVETMISS reports for the purpose of reporting across multiple states. However, if you have particular outcomes in some of those classes for which you have changed the start or end dates into a different reporting period, then currently you can't split the individual outcomes into different periods and in different states (grouped by class). This feature will allow for that.

    Does anyone else have particular requirements around the splitting of reporting across states?
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    Hi Ari, for the option a mentioned above..I thought that when you set up a 'quick enrol' for the student, perhaps an extra field can be included in the VET tab to identify if this enrolment has AVETMISS reporting requirements, and if so, which state does it refer to? The reason I mention it at the enrolment level was as another option from at the course level?

    On a separate matter, is it possible to run a query to get info on all enrolments and completions for a calender year that can also be sorted into states/territories according to AVETMISS reporting as well as other enrolments that do NOT need AVETMISS reporting? :)
  • 1. I still don't like this option because of the extra data entry work required and because it will not work with student online self-enrolment. If you are delivering online learning, I assume that the reporting state will be the place of residence of the student?

    2. There are a number of exports or reports that you can run on Outcomes. You should look through those or write your own report or export option to get what you want. We could quote on such work if you provide detailed specifications or can can get someone to write the report for you.
  • To report at class level makes sense for any classroom delivered course. However, there are different issues for on-line training providers. We have students from different states in the same class, so it would make a lot of sense to have an option to report at student level and export each state by itself if User Choice funding is accessed
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