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Does the voucher feature work? I can't seem to generate a new voucher.


  • The feature will be available in onCourse 5.0 currently in development.
  • Looking forward to that. :)
  • Will we have it in time for Christmas? I mean, I'm sure I'll have enough coal in my stocking this year to keep me happy, but is it feasible that it'll be operational in time for us to flog the idea of seasonal gift certificates to long-suffering loved ones?
  • I certainly hope so, but then we had hoped to have this feature ready for your stockings for last Christmas. We had been delayed by some unexpected complexity that has led us to completely rebuild Quick Enrol. That process is going well, but we are being side tracked again by the demands of the new Big Brother student identifier the government is forcing on everyone (USI).

    So, vouchers for Christmas... most likely. Will the government know who has been naughty and nice (and their mother's maiden name)... quite definitely.
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