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AVETMISS Export missing data


I have just exported AVETMISS using date range and export only VET courses with VIC flavour. The Study Reason Identifier is coming up blank in NAT00120 file (Position 90, Size 2, Type A). I definately have study reasons for all enrolments entered, checked again in the general tab of enrolment. They just aren't showing in the export report of NAT00120 file. Could i be missing something?



  • Hi,

    Could you tell me what version of onCourse you are running? On a Windows machine you can find this under Help > About onCourse. On a mac, under onCourse > About onCourse

  • 4.0.1 Just upgraded from 3.0.1 (i think) last week
  • The study reason identifier can only be reported when the student is enrolled in a full qualification, but not when they are enrolled in a short course or module only enrolment.

    Is the class they are enrolled in linked to a course where the 'is sufficient for a qualification' option is ticked?
  • I have not set any of our courses to "satisfies requirement for complete qualification" as we only deliver units of competency, no qualifications. Is this wrong?
    I was concerned about the study reason identifier being blank as it states in the business rules that apart from specified fields allowed to be blank, all other fields must not be blank (this would include the study reason).

  • No, that is the correct setting if you are delivering units only. In that case, the study reason must be blank, or you will get a validation error for reporting a study reason for a qualification without reporting a full qualification enrolment.

    Hope that makes sense (as much as AVETMISS can!)

    If you lodge the data with the blank study reasons, are get a validation error, let me know.
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