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Two more columns for the Waiting List

The waiting list is useful and looks great but I was wondering if somehow you can add sortable columns with the following fields or similar:

1. "Contact Made/Awaiting Response or Enrolment/Response Required" - I go to the waiting list daily and try and keep on top of it but am finding that I lose track of where I was up to and end up going to and fro between the Waiting List and the Contacts to see who I have emailed or called (we make use of the Notes field to record verbal/postal conversations). Perhaps utilise the same colour coding you have for the number of enrolments in a class to the titles above.

2. An "Urgency" flag column with a timer-based alert field that links to a waiting list entry's last date of activity and that increases in urgency the longer the last response was. For example, I dont want to keep my potential clients waiting for a response longer than two weeks so initially for the first 2 days they may have a green flag, then an amber flag for the next days 3-7 and a red flag for days 8-14.



  • Thanks Pete,

    These are interesting ideas and mirror our own thoughts on this process. We have two options we are considering:

    1. Adding tags to waiting lists and letting you do anything you want with them
    2. Creating a full featured "task tracking" system where you can turn waiting lists and other inquiries into todo items with history and progress.

    The second is more work for us, but could have very nice benefits. We already have quite advanced designs for that approach, but other priorities are in our queue above it.

  • ta mate - looking forward to it
  • MIght I add another tweak, suggested by our program management team?

    3. Option for each user site to customise the text before and after joining the waiting list e.g. to promote mailing list.
  • We should be able to customise that page on the website for you. Please send us a request in an email with the details of what you'd like to see there and we'll review it.
  • Nice ideas. Certainly, a follow-up flag or task tracking would be of help. I like Pete's simple solution.
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