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Export Tutor timetables to ICS file and other calendar formats

A question from a trainer recently was "I have just gone onto the skillsoncourse website and logged in. I can see my classes, etc but can I import them into my Outlook/Smartphones calendar"?


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    Hi Peter,

    In the portal, there is a big blue button 'subscribe to calendar' (screenshot attached)

    If the trainer clicks on this they will get a subscribe URL feed they can import into the calendar of their choice. The URL will look something like

    They can also do this on the portal on their smartphone, and it will subscribe their smartphone calendar automatically.

    Also, they only need to subscribe once - if you add new classes to their record, those sessions will automatically appear in their calendar feed.


    Click 'subscribe to calendar' button in the portal for students or tutors
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    I should have logged in and checked it out for myself - don't I feel like a fool!
    Thanks for pointing out the big blue button, Natalie, and all the other answers :)
  • Hi Peter,

    No worries - we are here to help!

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