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Dead link in Handbook

hi there
We are trying to export xml via the InDesign option and in the latest handbook on page 331 the following link is dead:

Please advise where I can find the file now

p.s. any help other tips on getting the export to work with indesign cs5 would help as i have no experience in either ;P



  • Thanks for the pointer... I'll get it fixed. However it is easier than that... just select some classes, then export them from the menu. Choose the indesign export template.

    You may then want to customise that template. Either do it yourself, get someone who knows XSLT to do it for you, or commission ish to do it. If you have a support plan, we can also provide specific support at no cost on how to integrate with Indesign and talk to your design people.
  • This is now fixed and I've also updated the section about Indesign to make it clearer and simpler.
  • Also Peter, I can now see that you are already on a support plan. Please don't hesitate to call me in the office if you need help with this process and I can talk you through.
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