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Difficulty with adding classes from within course record

Hi there!

When I want to add a new class sometimes I will open the course record and click the '+' on the first page to add a new class. The screen that opens up then is very difficult to use and I can't get out of it easily. ie: the window is not properly defined, I can't minimize or close it easily. The best way to close it is to tab to the cancel or save button and select them that way - I can't actually click on either of those buttons. I think there may be an issue with it because when I add a class through the separate class menu item it works fine.

I am not the only one who has this issue - could you advise?


  • Which version of onCourse, which operating system and which version of Java are you running?
  • Hi!
    onCourse v 3.0.2
    Windows 7
    Java v6, update 39

  • I'll review this with our development team. But as you've seen, opening the classes in their own window is probably better anyway since there is more room for the window to grow properly.
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