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Alphabetising class codes

Hi there,

After reading the text below in the manual we decided to us 'A', 'B' at the end of our class codes instead of the standard '001' etc. I've just tried doing it and there is no automatic incrementing at all, in fact A becomes A1 for the subsequent course. Is this something that works or am I looking at an outdated version of the manual??

Many colleges develop special codes to assist in identifying classes in groups like categories or regions to
make them easier to remember and search on. A simple method is to number or alphabetise the classes. For
example if your course is Dancing For Beginners and the course code is DFB, you may wish to create the class
code for the first class of this course as “01” or “A”. This will then allow future classes in this same course to
be listed in order ie. 01, 02 or A, B, C etc. When you duplicate the class the number or letter will automatically

thanks very much


  • Hi Emelia,

    Thanks for bringing this error to our attention. As you have discovered, onCourse increments the class code numerically, not alphabetically, based on the previous class code version.

    We have updated our manual based on your feedback.

  • Thanks for your prompt response. We are now using all numeric class codes and is working well. thanks again
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