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Automatic email invoice and enrolment confirmation

edited January 2013 in onCourse discussions
Im running V4.0rc1 and oncourse send two emails automatically every time I enrol a person (invoice and enrolment confirmation). It there a way we can change this preference? Its not prefereable for students to be recieving email when we are re-enrolling them in different classes.


  • Hi Mark,

    Unfortunately this is not something you can disable per enrolment, it is a whole system setting. We do have plans in the next version of onCourse to provide more options for when emails are sent.

    In the meantime, I would suggest temporarily removing the mail server address details from your onCourse preferences > messaging panel to suppress the sending of all emails. You will see a notice at the end of the enrolment process that email preferences are disabled and no emails can be sent.

    When you have finished re-enrolling the students, add the mail server address back in and automated emails will resume.


  • thanks, look foward to the next version.
  • Hi Natalie,
    Ive upraged to the new version 4.0. From what I can see (or cant see) the emails are still being sent automatically. Is there any talk of implementing this option?
  • When Natalie said "next version", she was referring to onCourse 5.0. We'll have a 4.1 release soon and a 5.0 release in Q3 2013. That release has some major improvements to the Quick Enrol process scheduled, including this particular feature. Development work is about to begin on these features now.
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