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Exporting Avetmiss - NAT file empty

edited January 2013 in AVETMISS
When I try to export an avetmiss report through the enrolment window for an individual student, the NAT files are empty (except for NAT0010 which has our RTO info). After some fishing around, I think it is because this students "status" is "not processed". When I export a report for a "active" student, it works fine.
My questions is how do I change a studets status to active or even complete?


  • Hi Mark,

    AVETMISS exports only work for students with valid enrolments e.g. active or complete, and enrolments of any other status will not export.

    Status is not something you can change manually, it is system value that is set automatically depending on the completion of a range of processes related to the enrolment, payment and/or enrolment cancellation.

    Could you tell me what steps you went through to get a value of 'not processed' for a student's enrolment? That value relates to enrolments processed through an onCourse website and is not something we would expect to see in the free Community version of onCourse. What version of onCourse are you running and in what environment?

  • We are running 4.0rc1 we upgraded in early December. Windows 7 OS.
    New student enrolment status is either Active or Complete. It seems through our November enrolment period, students status were being set to not processed.
    I cant say that we have changes any processes for enrolment, click quick enrol and enter the appropriate details.
  • Hi Mark,

    I can see Ari has assisted you previously regarding onCourse SQL write access. If you feel comfortable doing so, you can change the status of the enrolments in SQL from 0 (not processed) to 3 (Success). In the onCourse user interface an enrolment status of 3 will display as active if the date range of the class is in progress, or complete if the class end date has passed.

    If you notice any new enrolments ending up with a status of 'not processed' please don't hesitate to contact us as we would like to investigate how this has occurred in your database.

  • thanks again,
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