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HELP!!!!Creating classes within a Certificate course

edited December 2012 in AVETMISS

I have created a certificate IV course and then I created several classes for the one course. I then enrolled my students in the classes they are taking for the course. When I went to set the outcome for the students all of the units of competency for cert IV is in every class. How do I submit my Avetmiss report???
Do I set the students as competent in every class even thou they will then have about 10 competent for each unit and will this show on my Avetmiss report.
Or do I only set the units that are covered in the class as competent and leave all the others not set but what will my Avetmiss report show??
So confused some help or any suggestions from anyone would be sooo appreciated!!


  • Your problem was when you enrolled the students into the same course multiple times. You normally don't want to do that.

    Either create several courses with only the individual units for each part. Or create one course (as you did), but only enrol the students once. In the first instance the course will be the units that are relevant to that class, in the second you will set up a full qualification.
  • Thanks, I just fixed it all up!!
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