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onCourse 4.0 (release candidates)

edited September 2014 in onCourse releases
Wow that time has gone quickly. We are almost ready with another onCourse release and this time we've gone all the way to 4.0 since we added so many new goodies.

For all the inside information as to what has changed, please read this:

And download the first release candidate here:

What does a 'release candidate' mean? Well, that's simply a way of saying that we think this is close to the final release, but as we perform our last round of tests there may be some fixes between now and the final release. We aren't currently aware of any problems, but a bit more time testing can't hurt. We will support upgrading from this release candidate to the final release.

We hope you enjoy using this latest and greatest onCourse as much as we've enjoyed creating it.


  • While nothing yet appears to have wrenched my socks off my feet, looks like some nice subtle improvements in there to smooth the onCourse experience. Like the print preview -- I can't believe I haven't whinged about that before.
  • Another release candidate is now available. should be available on our web servers over the next hour or so as all the builds replicate into production servers.
  • We've had a few more iterations to fix some things that we really thought we'd nailed in the beta process. So now please download rc8 from

    This update is strongly recommended to anyone who is running 4.0. We have a couple more outstanding issues which have been reported to us, but at this point nothing more than minor cosmetic things. We should have a final release fairly soon, but we aren't in a rush to get it out. We know of at least 10 sites running the release candidates in production, including some quite large ones. Giving it more time in active environments will not hurt.
  • Some quite minor fixes have gone into another release at . The list of fixes here are:

    * Prevent possible lockup if you performed a search and then very quickly clicked on other things
    * Fix an upgrade for MS-SQL which would prevent the upgrade from completing
    * Capture escape key so that it closes the edit view but not the list view
    * Improvements to performance of the class list view and updating stale cached data
    * Don't allow students to be made into non-students even if they have no enrolments
    * Fix several alignment issues in some reports
  • We thought we were done, but a few more fixes have gone into another release candidate.

    (There was no rc10 since we were testing our automated deployment systems and had to make two releases to check that it worked right.) The main fixes in rc11 are reduced memory usage in a few parts of the application and particularly in Quick Enrol where excessive caching could result in out of memory errors under certain situations. We have also corrected an issue with students who have credit in your system; you will only have access to the new Quick Enrol previous owing/credit feature once you have upgraded to rc11 or beyond.
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